• MuMoT – Multiscale Modelling Tool:
    MuMoT (Multiscale Modelling Tool) is a tool designed to allow sophisticated mathematical modelling and analysis, without writing equations – the class of models that can be represented is broad, ranging from chemical reaction kinetics to demography and collective behaviour – by using a web-based interactive interface with minimal coding, rapid development and exploration of models is facilitated – the tool may also be particularly useful for pedagogical demonstrations.
  • Kilobot wiki:
    The wiki provides information on how to use the Kilobots, on our hardware infrastructure and Augmented Reality for Kilobots (ARK, which extends their capabilities), and on other useful tips. The wiki also provides code to run experiments and to perform maintenance routines, such as motor calibration.
  • GitHub repository:
    All our software, in open source repositories for others to use and contribute to. Includes model codes from papers, and bespoke software tools.
  • YouTube channel: Supplementary videos from our papers, as well as some more lighthearted offerings.