No War: A robot film

Giovanni co-ordinated a team of University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University students who produced a new short film using our Kilobots. This was premiered at the Sheffield Robotics Showcase on June 26th, and is available to watch on the DiODe project You Tube channel…

TREE Opinion on confidence and collective decision-making

A new Opinion on individual confidence and collective decision-making is in press in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, authored by James together with Andy Radford (Bristol) and Gavin Brown (Manchester).

The Opinion argues for the consideration of subjective confidence and its influence on communication within collectively-deciding groups. The Opinion also draws links between confidence by individually-optimal decision-makers, and the optimal confidence-based weighting scheme for group decisions.

Collective Behaviour Minisymposium

Thomas, James and Giovanni co-organised a minisymposium on Collective Behaviour and Decision Making, at the 2017 Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution conference in London.

The speakers covered a diverse range of topics, from naming games to building the Matrix for fish. The full list of speakers and titles is as follows:

  • Andrea Baronchelli (City University London) – The spontaneous emergence of conventions
  • Andreagiovanni Reina (University of Sheffield) – A model of the best-of-N nest-site selection process in honeybees
  • Arianna Bottinelli (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics) – The breakdown of coordination and the emergence of dangerous collective motions in high-density crowds
  • Colin Torney (University of Glasgow) – Cues and collective decision-making in migrating ungulates
  • Renaud Bastien (University of Konstanz) – A simple model of collective behaviour driven by the visual field

Snowbird minisymposium on collective decision-making

James and project collaborator Naomi Leonard (Princeton) co-organised a minisymposium on ‘Excitability, Feedback and Collective Decision-Making Dynamics’, at the 2017 SIAM Meeting on Dynamical Systems, in Snowbird.

Thomas contributed one of four talks on decision-making dynamics, exploring the roles of excitability and feedback in neural and collective decision systems. The speakers were:

  • Excitability and Feedback in Regulation of Foraging Harvester Ants – Renato Pagliara, Princeton University, USA; Deborah M. Gordon, Stanford University, USA; Naomi E. Leonard, Princeton University, USA
  • Models of Value-Sensitive Decision Making – Thomas Bose, Andreagiovanni Reina, and James A R Marshall, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Coupled Drift-diffusion Model and the Speed-accuracy Tradeoff in Collective Decision-making – Vaibhav Srivastava, Michigan State University, USA
  • Evidence Accumulation in Dynamic Environments – Zachary P. Kilpatrick, University of Colorado Boulder, USA; Adrian Radillo and Kresimir Josic, University of Houston, USA; Alan Veliz-Cuba, University of Dayton, USA